Lindley & Banks on Partnership, 20th Edition

ISBN/ISSN/No. de produit : L16463-E20
Type de produit : S.O. Bound Supplemented Publications - INT
Nombre de volumes : 1 volume bound + supplement
Reliure : hardcover
Date de publication : 2017-10-31
Éditeur : Sweet & Maxwell (U.K.)
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  • Provides a classic, in-depth statement of the law on partnership
  • Sets out the general principles and analyses them via detailed discussion of case law
  • Explains the origins and nature of partnership and the different types of partnership
  • Looks at the formation of partnerships by formal agreement and explains why a written agreement is required, what it can contain and why
  • Examines the rights and obligations of partners between themselves with particular reference to financial rights and duties, the duty of good faith, partnership property and shares
  • Analyses the areas where litigation between partners is common and the types of remedies available
  • Deals with the dissolution and winding up of partnerships
  • Covers relevant aspects of tax and insolvency law
  • Explains important recent case law such as Dubai Aluminium Co Ltd v Salaam; JJ Coughlan v Ruparelia; Mullins v Laughton; Conlon v Simms, M Young Legal Associates v Zahid
  • Reproduces relevant legislation, provisions of the CPR and other materials so they can be consulted easily in one convenient reference source
  • Regular supplements present expert commentary on the latest developments

Contents: Introduction; Definition of Partnership; General Nature of a Partnership; Capacity of Partners; Rules for Ascertaining the Existence of a Partnership; Consideration for a Contract of Partnership; Evidence by which a Partnership may be provide; Illegal Partnerships; Duration of Partnership; Partnership Agreements; Corporate and Group; The Liability of a Partner for the Acts of his Co-Partner; The Nature and Duration of a Partner's Liability to Third Parties; Actions by and against Partners; Management and Decision Making; The Duty of Good Faith; Partnership Capital; Partnership Property; Partnership Shares; The Rights and Duties of a Partner; Ascertainment and Division of Profits; Partnership Accounts; Action between Partners; Dissolution and its Causes; Winding up of Partnership Affairs; Death of a Partner; Insolvency; Limited Partnerships; Nature, Formation, Duration and Registration of Limited Partnerships; The Rights and Obligations of Partners as regards Third Parties.


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